Why 407 Mail Trucks Have Caught Fire Since 2014

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The Grumman LLV has been the US Postal Service's humble steed for nearly 40 years- but there's a problem. America's mail truck is fraught with problems: from low gas mileage, horrible comfort, and the fact that it CATCHES ON FIRE!! So why hasn't America found a worthy replacement? Watch and find out.
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Donut Media
Donut Media Acum lună
Big shout out to my boy Taylor in Tacoma, the coolest Postman I know 👊
Dani Syx
Dani Syx Acum 10 Zile
nhra didn't outlaw it but it doesn't have the safety equipment required for the times it runs. (the demon) lots of cars suffer this issue because everyone blows their wad on the car and not safety equipment that is CLEARLY outlined in their rules.
DitzyDoo Acum 12 Zile
@Bill Kerr unfortunately my Sister-In-Law drives one of these daily on her route. thankfully her garage took the time to mod the fleet. Just 2.5 years and she can hang-up her mail bag as it were.
Bill Kerr
Bill Kerr Acum 12 Zile
I remember when this "new" long life postal truck was in the news. If you think back to US vehicle build quality in the early '80s it is easy to see why commentaries at the time were highly skeptical that a 20 year lifespan was realistic. As it turned out these trucks did last 20 years. Grumman was the right contractor for the job because at that time they were manufacturing durable delivery vans similar to the UPS/Fedex trucks we see today. For all I know they still do. Now let's jump ahead to 2009 when the trucks were scheduled to be replaced. Can you think of anything else that was going on back then? It has a name. I'll give you a minute. (HINT: it rhymes with "the great recession") So anyway the things needed to be replaced or at least seriously maintained but the part of government that writes checks had decided they no longer want to spend money on the post office and even actively worked to undermine postal service, as crazy as that sounds. Maybe it can finally get handled now and the current government can buy some new trucks, hopefully electric. And Ford has announced there will be an electric version of the transit van.
DitzyDoo Acum 13 Zile
The three rural delivery LLC here in Creston, California are contracted Nissans and Fords Transits.
Volvo 740 Ram
Volvo 740 Ram Acum 17 Zile
Do up to speed on Ram 1500 please
MikeS91712 Acum 7 ore
He keeps mentioning the 9 MPG that the LLV gets. My LLV was replaced with a brand new Mercedes Metris and I am still getting only 10 MPG. Its because of all the idling and accelerating we do while not really driving a lot of miles. Stopping and starting the engine 50 times a day, idling at 500 mailboxes while we put mail in the box and accelerating just to stop 100 feet away really burns the gas up.
Tom big
Tom big Acum 8 ore
That little hateful LLV is the poster child for government achievement.
BR Harris
BR Harris Acum 8 ore
Let me tell you something: I don't care what it costs. The Grumman LLV isn't going anywhere. Ever.
JonFarah Acum 11 ore
7:40 “ that’s cute” me in Italy with 1.4€ for liter (~$6 a gallon)
Mike Carr
Mike Carr Acum o Zi
They have has a super long service life.
tvbop C
tvbop C Acum o Zi
I'm a mail carrier and have driven these for about 24 years now, on rural routes. These trucks are so OLD now - mine was built in 1989 - and I'm on my fifth engine in 10 years. I've had gas leaks on top of the engine from rotted gas lines. The USPS is now so underfunded, that they don't really do any preventative maintenance, but just wait for breakdowns. I've had 4 breakdowns in 2 weeks. The other carrier is now having trouble getting up hills because his transmission is going - but they won't do anything until it breaks down. Very old vehicles combined with lack of maintenance equals - all sorts of problems, including fires. They should have been replaced 10 years ago. We also got a notice that they have selected a replacement for the LLV - and it will be built over the next 15 years.
jonnda Acum o Zi
Kia Soul would have high maintenance. If someone gave me one, I'd have to sell my soul.
Fresh Dave101
Fresh Dave101 Acum o Zi
Sorry, im a ford guy.
Yhowbyjytub310 Acum 2 Zile
You kept mixing he Grumman LLVs with the FFVs that are based on the Ford Chasis, and are newer. at 5:38 when you show the body of the "Grumman" that's actually an FFV, which was not made by Grumman, and was their first attempt at replacing the LLVs. The FFVs sucked more than the LLVs though, and in the video of a mail truck on fire at 8:20, that's actually an FFV as well, you can tell cause the roof is rounder and the back is not slanted like on the LLV. I'm not saying the LLVs don't catch on fire, cause they do, but the FFVs catch on fire almost as much, and they are newer, so about half of that number of trucks on fire are also FFVs.
Isaac Fulton
Isaac Fulton Acum 2 Zile
Well now I know where to get a iron duke for my derby cars. Always wanted to try one 😂😂
Kaden Watt
Kaden Watt Acum 2 Zile
Lmao and our rural mail route has an old buick lesabre as mail vehicle, the mail guy just sits in the passenger seat and steers from there too
Kenny Schmurda
Kenny Schmurda Acum 2 Zile
Because they were carrying votes lol
Chancey Acum 2 Zile
@11:18 for BOOOOOBS
Lisa Picano
Lisa Picano Acum 2 Zile
Those classic old ones are so ugly, sound so awful, and are fucking junk in today’s world and USPS is just too cheap to upgrade.
Pat John
Pat John Acum 2 Zile
Because government sucks at everything
RedFathom Acum 2 Zile
The Fiero GT model had the L44 engine.
Austin Manke
Austin Manke Acum 2 Zile
I only got 2 takeaways from this video. 1. They are going to replace the LLV soon so the market will be flooded with them. 2. They are built on a s10 blazer frame so they can be lifted with relative ease.
nuno rodrigues
nuno rodrigues Acum 3 Zile
why not tesla model y?
Jerry Dellefemine
Jerry Dellefemine Acum 3 Zile
I don't know the name of the model but I have scene a Mercedes Benz van that looks a little bigger than a typical mini van being used
Andrew Motta
Andrew Motta Acum 3 Zile
I’m sorry but the jeep mail truck is so fucking cool as a jeep fan boy I want one
An2nio Transit Productions
An2nio Transit Productions Acum 3 Zile
It’s because they like the design. It’s small, I feel nobody gets it right for usps anymore. They don’t want a van mail truck like the Metris. They went something like this. A compact box truck!
An2nio Transit Productions
An2nio Transit Productions Acum 3 Zile
Ford made a variant of the LLV in the 90’s I feel they got that one right!
dusty bowman
dusty bowman Acum 3 Zile
Tesla should be the model, USPS could help build the infrastructure for EVs and the Teslas vehicles could get way cheaper. Then more people could buy Tesla vehicles, and our environment will be better off
Eyüp Yörük
Eyüp Yörük Acum 3 Zile
such a waste of time ...! Germany DHL/Post Produce their own E-Car's...! End it is a Success! rokey.info/key/video/a4F4gt2Oepabyps.html
Bacon_ Slayer5
Bacon_ Slayer5 Acum 3 Zile
I truly hope we don’t get a transit because when you look out the window for your package you ordered 2 months ago is finally supposed to arrive soon. Do you really wanna strain your eyes to decipher which of the 50 Ford transits are the mail truck. Something that was cool about the current truck is how unique it is. Hopefully they don’t chose fords option.
Dave F
Dave F Acum 3 Zile
... and then after posting this video the contract was finally announced that Oskosh won. Thus spuring a controversy since the Biden administration wants to go electric, Oskosh is not but Workhorse is.
Boyd Acum 3 Zile
When a USPS truck catches fire it might be the first time in years it put out any heat since the heaters in most of them don’t work.
Notable Discomfort
Notable Discomfort Acum 4 Zile
"so old it's hard to find mechanics to work on them" HOW? MECHANICS LOVE OLDASS CARS.
Notable Discomfort
Notable Discomfort Acum 4 Zile
Why not do what cops do? Have a list of acceptable models and let local offices make decisions.
Boy Graffity
Boy Graffity Acum 4 Zile
12:29 It worries me that they have to explicitly point that out
kingdom music
kingdom music Acum 4 Zile
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No name
No name Acum 4 Zile
You good bro?
Josh Lepley
Josh Lepley Acum 4 Zile
My hometown got new mail trucks last year
Dan The Man
Dan The Man Acum 4 Zile
Why on earth do they need to design an entirely new van? Why not just buy a standard van that sells by the million, then retrofit whatever you need in it? Thats worked perfectly well for the Royal Mail for the last 50 years with the Ford Transit. GO FOR THE TRANSIT OPTION!
Anthony Everett
Anthony Everett Acum 4 Zile
That mail truck you put in a 4 piston diesel engine and you have a nice camper to travel!
Clay Acum 4 Zile
"Drive 960 miles over potholes at 10-14 mph" sounds like the first thing you have to do after reaching the gates of hell 😂
pablo is lit
pablo is lit Acum 4 Zile
Id go so fast evry mail box
duongtangxa xoi
duongtangxa xoi Acum 4 Zile
pěkné video, chci být tvými přáteli, ok?
AlexTheStampede Acum 4 Zile
Ok, this is bothering me. Is there a chicken around cooing and shit? What's that background noise?
Enekyo Acum 5 Zile
"most recognizable vehicles on the road" bruh i didn't know those things existed or looked like that then again im in australia lolol
Leo Acum 5 Zile
Remi Ramos
Remi Ramos Acum 5 Zile
Good timing with this video. New models were just announced.
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby Acum 5 Zile
He has no clue.
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby Acum 5 Zile
Kids his age get so many things wrong in these videos.
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby Acum 5 Zile
Fiero GT not have Iron Duke , I had a new one , it was a port-injected 2.8L V-6
Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox Acum 5 Zile
I remember the Jeep DJ mail vehicles from when I was little.
ashkechum101 Acum 5 Zile
Poop in a group
A S Acum 5 Zile
God I hope they don’t swap a unique and iconic design for an even fuglier transit
A S Acum 5 Zile
@_ sleeping.. But just looked it up and I love it - cheers for the heads up
_ Acum 5 Zile
they announced the new usps truck a few days ago, it isn’t the transit van it looks like the second truck but with more traditional front lights where have u been man lol
Sheryl Courtney
Sheryl Courtney Acum 5 Zile
Everyone knows that Goverment ( U.S. & Postal Govt. ) LOVE to waste our tax money . Hence the raise in postage stamps prices and the like.
Sheryl Courtney
Sheryl Courtney Acum 5 Zile
Let me guess ? These trucks came from China ?! LOL !
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT Acum 5 Zile
Just fit them with an electric powertrain if they REALLY don't want to replace them
BasediNVegas Acum 5 Zile
My workhorse stock plummeted 😢
Wolfgang Von Braun
Wolfgang Von Braun Acum 5 Zile
maybe theyd get better mileage if theywerent loaded down with heaps of shitty, disgusting junk mail
dregenius Acum 6 Zile
What angers me is that the USPS is prioitizing fuel economy and alternative fuels in the replacement vehicles however diesel seems to have been completely ignored? If they want efficiency and long service life, diesel absolutely still reigns supreme!
Christopher Chronister Jr
Christopher Chronister Jr Acum 6 Zile
Unsung hero’s of the roads. Trust me, they get a lot of our important stuff and supplies around as well! Rain, sleet, shine or snow. They are always out delivering.
C Mott
C Mott Acum 6 Zile
most of these postal trucks have diesel engines...
Kyle Witter
Kyle Witter Acum 6 Zile
F's in the chat for Doug
Matthew Zepess
Matthew Zepess Acum 6 Zile
My area code is 407 and obviously the same mail trucks so everytime I pass this video on recommended I’m like wtf is going on with the mail trucks by me...
White Star Gaming
White Star Gaming Acum 6 Zile
I like 1959 Plymouth
Beezer Twelve Washingbeard
Beezer Twelve Washingbeard Acum 6 Zile
The offset wheels on the front don't make for good snow driving. Since the front tires don't line up with the rear tires, the vehicle has to forge four tire tracks through the snow instead of two, and it's rear wheel drive.
Thomas Jearson
Thomas Jearson Acum 6 Zile
Karsan won!
Thomas Jearson
Thomas Jearson Acum 6 Zile
Oskosh apparently..my bad. Quite an apearance change...
Pc Gameplay
Pc Gameplay Acum 6 Zile
7:37 2.16 usd$ per gallon is expensive? In Norway 1 gallon of gasoline would often cost about 8 usd $ and that's no crazy covid pricing or something like that. It is the normal price here so that's why many people here in Europe don't drive cars with massive engines like they do in the US.
Marcus Cook
Marcus Cook Acum 6 Zile
Ahh, the old Pontiac Iron Duke. The dual internal/external combustion ability was a feature, not a bug! In all seriousness though, it was a very reliable (if also very unrefined) engine and the fires were specific to only the Fiero and the LLV themselves as far as I'm aware and the fires are not specifically the fault of the engine. Tons of S10s and other random small GMS had these without issue.
Kimani Brooks
Kimani Brooks Acum 6 Zile
Now I see mostly chrysler mini-vans doing mail in chicago.
Andy Davis
Andy Davis Acum 6 Zile
I'm in the Philly burbs and they've had sprinter vans for a few years.
Scott E
Scott E Acum 6 Zile
let me help you out here, That 9MPG is a result of stop and go with a lot of engine shutdown and startup and idle time. You can NOT expect any vehicle to get their listed estimated mileage under those conditions, and I doubt that electric hybrids will be anything but more expensive and more problematic. As for the Iron Duke, it's not a bad engine and you aren't being reasonable in your critique, you're blaming the engine when the issue is the placement of accessories is the cause. The USPS is more the issue than the LLV/ The LLV is the optimum size, Bigger is NOT the solution. And EVERYTHING I have heard from people who drive and repair the LLV is that it's a good design and very fixable. I think you're just making stuff up
Darcey McFarlane
Darcey McFarlane Acum 6 Zile
Oshkosh has one it now but the postal van looks like the first one with a tall windscreen and a low bonnet/hood
Twizted Psyko
Twizted Psyko Acum 7 Zile
The new LLV is a mercedes
Twizted Psyko
Twizted Psyko Acum 7 Zile
The usps have there own mechanics and shops very rarely do they send there llv's to an outside mechanics shop
Alex Chavez
Alex Chavez Acum 7 Zile
Bro just LS swap the LLV🤣
Mateen Saleem
Mateen Saleem Acum 7 Zile
waiting for the update now
Wayne Bakken
Wayne Bakken Acum 7 Zile
I would expect the Oshkosh/ Ford transit van to win solely based on it already has infrastructure in place to make the basic parts of it so that would get them on the road faster.
ian Acum 7 Zile
Who's here after they have new trucks
Greg 612AB
Greg 612AB Acum 7 Zile
The government is trying its best to prove to its citizens that it’s inefficient.
Justin French
Justin French Acum 7 Zile
I want a Grumman llv, load its cargo space with a 1200hp v8, and make a drag llv
Chris Benson
Chris Benson Acum 7 Zile
This show is like the Buzzfeed of car talk. Is this a show about cars for children?
Corvus Acum 7 Zile
How many of those exactly 666 dislikes do you think came from Satan himself?
rickpaulos Acum 7 Zile
9 mpg? Better than that Dodge Deamon.
Terry Eck
Terry Eck Acum 7 Zile
You called it, Oshkosh got the contract. arstechnica.com/cars/2021/02/usps-picks-a-new-mail-truck-and-no-they-wont-all-be-electric/
William Taylor
William Taylor Acum 7 Zile
Anyone here after the new unveiling?
jsorgi44215 Acum 7 Zile
It was announced today that Oshkosh got the contract but ford is not part of the collab, no word why ford is out of the deal
Dillon H
Dillon H Acum 7 Zile
Ford still may be part of it. When Oshkosh was asked about whether or not Ford will have anything to do with their mail truck, they refuse to comment.
JoeyTheFoxxo Acum 7 Zile
Gas is $2.16 over there? It’s like $2.79 here in NJ.
ΛDRINSON Acum 7 Zile
Man James it's just different 😅
BuildingwithTrees Acum 7 Zile
We can't use already produced rhd vans from 3rd world countries like: Japan, Australia, or England. Oshkosh got the contract btw. But gets 10 years to produce 50k vans.
Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit Acum 7 Zile
Time for an update and maybe a B2B one day on the Oshkosh mail truck!
Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson Acum 7 Zile
Naild the prediction that Oshkosh and Ford would win the contract, I was rooting for the underdog Workhorse...
jsorgi44215 Acum 7 Zile
Ford isn't part of the Oshkosh deal
PA551ON Acum 7 Zile
February 2021 Update: Karsan & Morgan Olson won the contract. The only real noticable change in the design is that it's all white now instead of white and black.
R4M0N Acum 7 Zile
Oshkosh just got awarded the contract www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-postal-service-awards-contract-to-launch-multi-billion-dollar-modernization-of-postal-delivery-vehicle-fleet-301233896.html
Greely Acum 8 Zile
I have returned to this video because Oshkosh was chosen as the LLV replacement
Ty Dryzo
Ty Dryzo Acum 8 Zile
Oshkosh/Ford got the contract btw
Heinrich Schmitz
Heinrich Schmitz Acum 8 Zile
I've been seeing those same mail vans ever since I was a baby back in 2006. I'm now 14 and I still see the vans lol. I thought they'd replace their mail vans with the European Mercedes vans that do almost every job in Europe.
Dhruv Kumar
Dhruv Kumar Acum 8 Zile
$2.16 per gallon is too much? we are paying $5.26 per gallon in India.
LoughZ Acum 8 Zile
And Oshkosh is the winner!!
Axel Cortez
Axel Cortez Acum 8 Zile
and the oshkosh won
Jesus Jimenez
Jesus Jimenez Acum 8 Zile
Update: Oshkosh has won the contract. No word if Ford will be involved as of Feb. 2021
Jared Morgan
Jared Morgan Acum 5 Zile
Expanding on that: Production is expected to begin in 2023, pending final design, over the next 10 years. The contract is expected to see Oshkosh Defense produce 50,000 to 165,000 Next Generation Delivery Vehicles (NGDV) following the finalization of the design of the vehicle, which will be purpose-built to serve the needs of the USPS. It's said to have a list of safety features, including: Backup cameras, front and rear-collision avoidance systems, traction control (But.. why? it will be AWD; just make sure it's got chains and studs in the snow..), automatic emergency braking, and air bags. They will also be larger and taller than the current Grumman LLV - which has absolutely none of that. Hell it doesn't even have Anti-lock brakes (But then again, neither does my 2004 Ford Focus), and will also be upgraded *later* to be battery electric.
308HIT Acum 8 Zile
Guy has no idea what he's talking about.
Zarrex Acum 8 Zile
New mail truck just got announced get hyped boys
Johnny MacDonald
Johnny MacDonald Acum 8 Zile
And today February 23 2021 Oshkosh and ford won the contract.
Average Joey
Average Joey Acum 8 Zile
It happened! Oshkosh won the contract.
whitechapel6669 Acum 8 Zile
Oshkosh won the 10year contract
dave cee
dave cee Acum 8 Zile
Actually they need to completely dismantle the postal service because it has become too political . We need to contract mail delivery service out to people that live here in our towns that we know . I remember years ago there were people we knew that had part time jobs using their own vehicles to deliver our mail , one of them was a township policeman another one was a lunch lady at our grade school .
sabarjp Acum 8 Zile
Oshkosh won the contract for the new USPS delivery vehicle as of the time of this comment.
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