Every Lamborghini Ranked
Muthu Kumaran
Muthu Kumaran Acum 22 ore
We need Donut to make a music album!
sam m
sam m Acum 22 ore
The emotion gets me, makes it so real, I've loved cars my whole life, we are the same age james. Thank you
WTBGold Acum 22 ore
"As well as the sound a seal makes" 10/10
Alex Hall
Alex Hall Acum 22 ore
'land cruisa' thats the pronunciation
Goria Akash
Goria Akash Acum 22 ore
Actually under torsion, there are both tensile and compressive stressors
JL dropz
JL dropz Acum 22 ore
That List is kinda rigged 🤨
Ugly Duckling
Ugly Duckling Acum 22 ore
Me being Taurus: Yes Lambo!!! "I think like a ford f-150" Me: -_-
Scott Schell
Scott Schell Acum 22 ore
I would totally drive a Stinger
KingOfJustice Acum 22 ore
Pontiac fiero is so cool fast & furious even made a pontiac fiero with jatos
Jon Bailey
Jon Bailey Acum 22 ore
The civics are also my favorite
Riko J. Amado
Riko J. Amado Acum 22 ore
Doug DeMuro has been summoned. "Thiiisssss is Nolan's daddy."
Jed Walker
Jed Walker Acum 22 ore
I will NEVER forget the TVs on the mudflaps lol. Gotta be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen lol
J Hort
J Hort Acum 22 ore
You wanna watch a donut channel, talk about donuts, while a guy eats donuts, with a guy doing donuts, eating a donut, on a donut channel, for a donut video, surrounding the guy eating donuts by donuts by another guy eating donuts for the people who film the donut videos for there donut channel? I said this out loud and surprised my self cause i said it in about 2 seconds flat. (Not surprising considering i talk fast as hell.)
Kevin Charles
Kevin Charles Acum 22 ore
Guess I need an M3
captain potato
captain potato Acum 22 ore
Im a sagittarius and NO NO NOOOOOO
Misael Hernandez
Misael Hernandez Acum 22 ore
S2000 bumper 2 bumper?
Onii - Chan
Onii - Chan Acum 22 ore
Me a teen that lives in MI Wondering what TF nolan is talking out because all are cars are sboxes:
Donavan McGuire
Donavan McGuire Acum 22 ore
It's the people who jam on their brakes as soon as they see brake lights 1,000 feet in front of them for me. Even if nobody actually slows down in front of them some people insist on slamming on the brakes. I keep a safe distance so it's not a safety thing for me, it's just a frustrating thing. Then you gotta learn their braking habits to know when you ACTUALLY need to hit your brakes to avoid a phantom jam as discussed in this video.
Jacob Willis
Jacob Willis Acum 22 ore
Only thing I would have done different would have been use the old wire to pull the new speaker wire through since you won’t be needing it anyways. Then you can cut it at the harness or tuck it under the dash. Just my 2 cents though. Love watching your videos Jobe!
NQA_Dripzz Acum 22 ore
as a cancer no.... just no
Shaun Johnson
Shaun Johnson Acum 22 ore
Lol!!🤣🤣 I’m a Virgo and I had a Porsche Cayenne.
Mikey J
Mikey J Acum 22 ore
Putting up my 1970 240Z on BaT later this year. I'm freakin terrified.
Netherite Ingot
Netherite Ingot Acum 22 ore
a netherite ingot verified and approved sooo all ppl can watch this donut media video
Juan Carlos Cabello
Juan Carlos Cabello Acum 22 ore
need this guy as my roommate
Jhon Carlos Carvajal Henao
Jhon Carlos Carvajal Henao Acum 22 ore
Can we not gloss over how amazing these commercials are!?
Salenty Acum 22 ore
Anyone know if tc-v is a good site to import cars from?
timetravelling teapot
timetravelling teapot Acum 22 ore
Draw more dicks on the roads, got it. LMAO
Nth842 Acum 22 ore
You missed non Wankel rotary's and if we include bikes the ovel cylinder from Honda
Willem Daniel
Willem Daniel Acum 22 ore
can we get 4wd v 0wd next thanks
notDonald Fagen
notDonald Fagen Acum 22 ore
Will 'Camo Hat' be featured on the 10" EP vinyl by Donut that I heard about?
David Norman
David Norman Acum 22 ore
The salad shooters remind me of a brake disk and I don't know why I like it but I do lol
Jeffrey T
Jeffrey T Acum 22 ore
This is a bench scale theoretical process that will not likely economically scale to full production plant production. It sounds nice though. Thermodynamics are not on their side. Every step of this process adds energy. And, methanol is not C10H20-O. If you could make decaneol straight from CO2, that would be magical.
Joshua Zepeda
Joshua Zepeda Acum 22 ore
he kinda talks like a drunk girl
originalpunkSxE Acum 22 ore
The last time a rear trans-axle was used in a NASCAR race was in 1963, and it was in a Pontiac Tempest that lapped every other car on the track.
Pull Out Game
Pull Out Game Acum 22 ore
The entire time I'm thinking "what if any of these things break?" I'm too broke for this lol
DiE LoG Acum 22 ore
Just in time... My steering is actually feels heavier lmaoo
Timothy Cook
Timothy Cook Acum 22 ore
The explanation got just a little dicey around the flame speed topic but good video. There was definitely some juggling of laminar (still environment) vs turbulent flame speeds, but the only correction that I'd make is that turbulence does (or at least typically does) dramatically increase flame speed and that quoted 10-80 m/s flame speed is definitely turbulent. Most laminar flame speeds are surprisingly slow. Like, you can walk faster, kinds of slow.
Dont let It Bring You Down
Dont let It Bring You Down Acum 22 ore
3/11baby Pisces 4 life
Adolfo Orozco
Adolfo Orozco Acum 22 ore
Daddy Doug 😩
Air Dad
Air Dad Acum 22 ore
Dodge couldn't build a reliable engine for F1. F1 allows only three engines per year.
Brian TX
Brian TX Acum 22 ore
You missed the most important part of project car-ing havin a friend/dad/grandpa that can show you how to do what you need to do. Good vid. Like this guy a lot better than the fat guy.
Rickybot Acum 22 ore
in 2015 i bought a 2008 IS F for 7K$ at an auction, car was great, everything was great about having a v8 lexus, unfortunately i got t bone and the body got compromised and insurance didnt wanna fix it the fixing price was gonna be 21k$ :(
There’s no way the big dumb dinosaur is gonna catch us
Eazy-E Acum 22 ore
ayo, is that the guy from game theory?!
RANGER592 Acum 22 ore
What the fuck is this list
Ali Sedky
Ali Sedky Acum 22 ore
I rarely hit the like button byt the way you said it I had to hit it 😂
mike mallen
mike mallen Acum 22 ore
Thought this was gonna be a stupid one but it was good
Daniel Bosse
Daniel Bosse Acum 22 ore
Sooooo, does it get me from A to B?
YeeticusAurelius Acum 22 ore
There’s a difference between an artist like DeadMau5 and an “influencer”. One has talent and creates entertainment for others and the other is an obnoxious, talentless, clout chaser
Wonka0998 Acum 22 ore
Great video. But I have to say, Donut makes THE BEST sponsor spots. It's the only channel that makes me actually watch them and not only that but enjoy them just as much as the rest of the video.
Sabertooth_814 Acum 22 ore
scorpio's got ripped off in this video. bruhhhhhhh
JAMES GRANT Acum 22 ore
I can’t speak for anyone else but I really want an up to speed on cadillac your missing a whole lotta content on the whole late 50s early 60s car with fins craze
Carmela L
Carmela L Acum 22 ore
Tango and Cash SUV...
Slewyn Sunil
Slewyn Sunil Acum 22 ore
They own donutauctions.com and it redirects to the Pop-Up Up and Down Headlights. Hint Hint!!!
Blake Jones
Blake Jones Acum 22 ore
The prices of Holden's have gone nuts...
Joe Acum 23 ore
Idk if I’m just hungry, but when they had the plasti dip stuff on the table it looks like there’s a package of 20 inch tortillas on the right lol
Shawn Norton
Shawn Norton Acum 23 ore
There was a episode of Rides, 4th season on the C6R. Those Pratt & Miller dudes totally dominated.
Jiajian Hou
Jiajian Hou Acum 23 ore
What if there is never “miles” this unit? Do we end at 1000km/h speed limit or be going for 2000km/h?
GasMask Man
GasMask Man Acum 23 ore
I’m an Aires,I like the hellcat,but screw the wide body.
BGameme Acum 23 ore
I‘m the most private Gemini then. I am definitely not a social person at all.
Kodie Gregory
Kodie Gregory Acum 23 ore
It’s true. That click is music to my ears
Jsjsjajansb Dudhusja
Jsjsjajansb Dudhusja Acum 23 ore
Me with a vw cc (comfort coupe) (sedan)
Double Eco
Double Eco Acum 23 ore
hear me out, steering road in the middle
eric vulgate
eric vulgate Acum 23 ore
i don't think there have been any interesting cars made since 1979,
Jarod 144
Jarod 144 Acum 23 ore
I’m Pisces and drive a Tacoma 🙏❤️☯️
0ffBrand G.O.A.T
0ffBrand G.O.A.T Acum 23 ore
My dad had an old loadstar 1500 that ran on propane from 64 to last summer and there’s almost no wear on the engine. And this truck was used for running lumber from central Illinois to Chicago and now for hauling cars
hostronic Acum 23 ore
Toyota is on it. Ask Scotty. Toyota will blow away Tesla in no time. Lol. Seriously though...if Toyota masters EVs like they’ve mastered every other car they’ve made, Tesla will be going out of business.
klem_box47 Acum 23 ore
Oh gosh how did you get the real footage. I'm impressed.
lil_berto Acum 23 ore
James should drop an ep with all his Donut songs
Sloan Frederick
Sloan Frederick Acum 23 ore
You guys should do an episode about importing cars, I mean 25 years is coming up for the states for r32s 👀👀
Rick Corbus
Rick Corbus Acum 23 ore
3 FOREVER !!!!!!!!
Just Another Human
Just Another Human Acum 23 ore
2.16 is expensive for gas? Bruh I pay 5.69
DK King
DK King Acum 23 ore
Beavis and Butt-Head needs to do an episode with donut... Please 🙏🥺
Zenko Z31
Zenko Z31 Acum 23 ore
Yall changed the name?
Capsized Cloud
Capsized Cloud Acum 23 ore
Watching Mecum/BJ (clips, anyway) and the prices those cars demand on BaT just end up infuriating me. My dad had a bay-windowed VW Type 2 in the late 70s, when I show him the prices people are dumb enough to pay, he scoffs.
Luispsoto Rc
Luispsoto Rc Acum 23 ore
7:30 at the very beginning of the whole fast and furious franchise the crew uses helmets on the civics, like just that one time, seems they lost the or something lmao
George W.
George W. Acum 23 ore
5:23 hahahaha view heading towards negative infinity due to Nolan’s haircut lmao
a mustang with a cutout or straight pipes is some johmy lawrence cobra kai typa shit...just pure american muscle badass...going to the bar picking up chick and then driving off doing a burnout or 2...cold pressed badass
José Acuña
José Acuña Acum 23 ore
Don’t forget to check out Caaaars and biddddsssss!
Danies Alex
Danies Alex Acum 23 ore