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7 4546
7 4546 Acum 20 ore
most these cars are past the $15000 mark
Jason McIlwaine
Jason McIlwaine Acum 20 ore
J JAY Don’t know which one to do
Shawn Caplinger
Shawn Caplinger Acum 20 ore
Great video, but you can stop screaming... listening on headphones and I gotta play with the volume constantly! 🤯
Suck MyDik
Suck MyDik Acum 20 ore
“Honda has been doing this really really well for as long as I can remember” Shows a picture of A Bentley.
IP O Acum 20 ore
Dipie Acum 20 ore
1:44 why is there a four engined 737
AsRebel Acum 20 ore
Ngl, yall could of used real scenarios comparing to maybe real life examples, video felt like a troll but yall not that type of channel so I understand the route yall took 😂
Rajveer Bagri
Rajveer Bagri Acum 20 ore
RC Nitro motors?
the guythtstaresatuallnite
the guythtstaresatuallnite Acum 20 ore
9:15 had me dead😂
Winston Mars
Winston Mars Acum 20 ore
2 jackhammers and 130db wtf haha i can do more out of 1 10 inch
Benjamin Mukwati
Benjamin Mukwati Acum 20 ore
riots for physics vs mother nature have already started a war near Canada
Alberto Montante
Alberto Montante Acum 20 ore
Please put the hat back on.
Jabba Deez Nuts!
Jabba Deez Nuts! Acum 20 ore
Great video as always. Your content always informs and giggles. Good stuff. Two things really stuck with me. 1) NEVER make your bang face again. That’s a terrible bang face. I’m off to watch some solo amateurs on YouPorn to put balance back into the world. 2) Best trade off explanation ever! For this reason alone, I’ll say it: always overrun the cylinder at the end of the power stroke so your exhaust goes anywhere AND EVERYWHERE but the uterine manifold. It’s a mess, but those things are a straight up interference design for everything in life. PULL OUT KING!!!
EmployedHawk885 Acum 20 ore
that F2004 scared the f*ck out of me
Emulator Retro
Emulator Retro Acum 20 ore
If you know fast and furious, b it wasn't an evo. It was an oz rally dressed up.
Gamer Dad
Gamer Dad Acum 20 ore
I fix things like any good old boy Duck tape for the win
yash vakil
yash vakil Acum 20 ore
Isn't round one 10 to 12 instead of 9 to 12
Alex McKinley
Alex McKinley Acum 20 ore
Canada is just North Minnesota, so they are all still american
wololo10 Acum 20 ore
500g * 9750 G = 4750 Kg = 46600 N = 10485 lb. Do your math right mathboy!!
Danger M
Danger M Acum 20 ore
*90's 250cc bikes - 🧐 Pathetic*
Nancy Tok Juan Lim
Nancy Tok Juan Lim Acum 21 oră
"My name's Carrol Shelby and performance is my business." -Carrol Shelby
Tom Dunnett
Tom Dunnett Acum 21 oră
maximus skretas
maximus skretas Acum 21 oră
In old cloudy England, we only got the ranger raptor. I appreciate it but why can't we have the F-150 also
James Powell
James Powell Acum 21 oră
The lighting is way too good. Looks too professional which takes away from my enjoyment of feeling like I'm watching the homies make car vids.
Jacob Fitzwater
Jacob Fitzwater Acum 21 oră
This channel has thought me so much, being as intrigued by anything mechanical as I am, this is my kind of channel and I watch a ton of these videos. When he said thank you so much for being a part of our family here at donut; we’re nearing 5 mill and I had never noticed that I wasn’t subscribed. I am now.
elvine214 Acum 21 oră
The European, your awesome Detroit Muscle was never imported in any country, now it costs an entire arms for imports it.
MrAeroBoy Acum 21 oră
Tom Sidebottom
Tom Sidebottom Acum 21 oră
rotary, no reciprocating mass
the wonderguy
the wonderguy Acum 21 oră
dont u ever mix the germans with the greeks
Gordan Flego
Gordan Flego Acum 21 oră
You skip one president. Not to be ashamed. :)
aaron savelkoul
aaron savelkoul Acum 21 oră
fuck i want to live in the 70s
06 AMINUL HOQUE Acum 21 oră
Peanut khao jite raho modiji 😅
SavageSmithy Acum 21 oră
Nitro engine: Impossible to rev over 20k? You mean at idle right?
Harel House
Harel House Acum 21 oră
Dude , you have serious dad issues...
Eydzuan Rosley
Eydzuan Rosley Acum 21 oră
where do i get my degree certificate? cause i feel like taking a degree after watching it
Tom Storey
Tom Storey Acum 21 oră
Not impossible, we've just not got there yet, for example if you told someone in the 1500s that one day we could travel in at 200mph on roads they'd say it's impossible but as we all know supper cars exist !!!
Armoredghost Acum 21 oră
Lol just got done fixing all the vacuum hose and egr pipe after I broke them changing intake manifold gasket on my truck to come in and see this 😅 now I don't feel bad
Nekage NL
Nekage NL Acum 21 oră
Volkswagen golf 2.3L v5. Wait... That's a VR engine..
Wesley Holt
Wesley Holt Acum 21 oră
Whoa jerry!!!!! At the end there, talk about my parents again and I will shit in your cereal and this is a threat!!!!!
Wesley Holt
Wesley Holt Acum 21 oră
I’m an avid watcher of donut media I mean no harm I swear!!
Natanael Wieland
Natanael Wieland Acum 21 oră
Are you wearing lip stick?
Rafael Raposo
Rafael Raposo Acum 21 oră
That hurts my feelings
Augusto Dias
Augusto Dias Acum 21 oră
effective? probably efficient? ehhh idk for sure, seems like overkill
Elijah Schwartz
Elijah Schwartz Acum 21 oră
How dare you commit this sin
atitagain83 Acum 21 oră
Holy shit now I'm scared of the rust man! 😭
Ziqrul Iman
Ziqrul Iman Acum 21 oră
Day 56 of asking James to do an Up to Speed on Proton
Caden Nabozny
Caden Nabozny Acum 21 oră
How much caffeine does this guy have before one of these videos
Eric Christian
Eric Christian Acum 21 oră
For valves y'all forgot about desmodromic systems. Honestly that could be it's own entire video! They are fascinating!!!
Landon Belcher
Landon Belcher Acum 21 oră
I would love that filter i need a new one
Fuze -
Fuze - Acum 21 oră
Wow, this video completely slipped under my radar, the thumbnail and title made me think this wasnt a donut video so i just skipped it, thankfully it came into my recommendations again today.
SirDrakeNewcanon Acum 21 oră
We had a Zastava GTL55 in Europe, Hungary in the 90's. It was not so bad! It was even a higher level than a Lada. It was bad in the USA of course because you had a lot of bigger and better cars!
Big Autist
Big Autist Acum 21 oră
Go kart and parking garage
Jeffrey Tang
Jeffrey Tang Acum 21 oră
Some older motorbikes were able to rev over 20,000 like the NR750 im pretty sure, correct me if im wrong
BODDA912 Acum 21 oră
*HAHA Tesla Go ..............*
thelazywhitedog Acum 21 oră
Evo guys rise. Technically I don’t own an evo but im a mitsubishi man by heart.
Arka Singh
Arka Singh Acum 21 oră
Too much drama
pieter pretorius
pieter pretorius Acum 21 oră
i see simple solution. use a small gas turbine engine instead of a piston. Solar t62 turbines idle at 30000 rpm and redlines at 60000 rpm. problem with turbines is the how difficult they are to start in the first place
rooter Acum 21 oră
what would you say to the people saying supra ain't supra it is bmw
Pradnyesh Acum 21 oră
I just want to rev my toyota 4 cylinder at 11k rpm (: like if you get it
Pulse Acum 21 oră
*laughs in spinning Dorito*
666makasin Acum 21 oră
Please fix lighting or color correction. Jeremy looks 20 years older in this video
timo Acum 21 oră
pls fire this guy
dingus153 Acum 21 oră
Can't believe my guy didn't mention Ducatis Desmo valve tech
ikbal khan
ikbal khan Acum 21 oră
My god, the dark joke at the end 😳😂
Zyron Acain
Zyron Acain Acum 21 oră
Mo powa babeh
Hey It's Drew
Hey It's Drew Acum 21 oră
youre talking about Trump right? he's the president leader "in-exile". he won that thing you know that. just watch Steven Crowder.
Kyle Chaput
Kyle Chaput Acum 21 oră
Your attitude in these videos is just glorious.
Jason Mishler
Jason Mishler Acum 21 oră
You flipped sport and utility. Utility was the tractor Sport was on road drivability
Shadow Anonymous
Shadow Anonymous Acum 21 oră
“Freevalve tech is very expensive” the guy who put home built freevalve tech on a Miata: “Am I nothing to you?”
DaftMi9hty Acum 21 oră
Obviously buy coilovers if you really want to do it properly if your on a 3.99 budget use zip ties
Achintya Aatreya
Achintya Aatreya Acum 21 oră
Mate,you should do a video on the Cosworth V12 that powers the Gordon Murray T50s. I think at 12,100rpm, it's the highest revving power unit in a track-focussed hypercar.
BIG cordial301
BIG cordial301 Acum 21 oră
Can I just say the bricklin was a flop
ziksep Acum 21 oră
u look like the weeknd
Raccoon Valley
Raccoon Valley Acum 21 oră
I had one of them hot potato for a month or two b4 it got stolen. Good thing I only got it for a few hundred bucks was fun while it lasted lol
Jordon Carlson
Jordon Carlson Acum 21 oră
Nitro engines do 50k rpm, y'all are off by 1.5x the rippems
mazdac Playz
mazdac Playz Acum 21 oră
RedGiant Acum 21 oră
FOr the sunblock visor thing I can see it being useful for those of us who are visually impaired a pair of prescription sunglasses cost about $300 where I am not everyone can afford that
Atimo133 Acum 21 oră
13:04 oh buddy, maybe sum 8 years ago ....
BARa NADO LUBIT Acum 22 ore
I think I love you
jerry henderson
jerry henderson Acum 22 ore
Any woman can tell you that a longer stroke is better 😂
Oscar smith
Oscar smith Acum 22 ore
Rewatching this video again, hearing him say ten ninety eight is such a little tiny but annoying. I can't be the only one. I much prefer ten-nine-eight.